Join the team to recall Jerry Brown!

Positions available to help recall Jerry Brown

1) Petition Circulator / Signature Gatherer

Role description:
Responsibilities are collecting signatures from the public and helping organize petition drives with other volunteers. Reports directly to city leaders and county chairs.

2) Surrogates

Role description:
Surrogates are responsible for representing the recall effort in a positive and controlled manner. Surrogates must refer to the approved dialogue whenever speaking publicly about the recall. Surrogates will report directly to regional directors and the campaign director. They will work closely with media directors and are responsible for providing updated schedules for when they will be available for media opportunities. Surrogates must not have controversial content on their social media accounts and must be diligent in portraying a positive, optimistic personality both in media and in-person.

3) Volunteer Coordinators

Role description:
Volunteer coordinators will be responsible for reviewing volunteer applications via the google forms documents and will be in charge of conducting phone interviews to determine whether volunteers are suitable for the positions. They will work closely with regional directors, county chairs and city leaders to determine staffing needs for each location or event. They are responsible for ensuring each volunteer completes the NDA as well as training before being deployed.

4) City Leaders

Role description:
Oversees volunteers and signature collecting volunteers. They will assign areas for volunteers to concentrate their efforts on. City leaders are responsible for scheduling monthly city wide signature collection events. City leaders are responsible for ensuring volunteers are following proper protocols and regulations in signature collection. They must vet every volunteer in their city. City leaders report directly to their respective county chairs.

5) County Chairs

Role description:
Supervises all aspects of the Campaign in all cities in their counties. Oversees subordinates and ensures all lower positions are held accountable for their duties. County chairs are responsible for inputting collected signature data into the online database. County chairs will receive city signature data from city leaders on a weekly basis via email only. County chairs are responsible for setting up bi-monthly meetings (either in-person or via phone conference) to keep volunteers updated on progress and motivated, as well as to ensure proper training of new volunteers.

6) Media Directors/Liaison

Role description:
Media directors are responsible for coordinating and setting up media conferences/interviews all over the state of California. They will work diligently to contact local, state and national media sources to secure print, online and tv opportunities for our approved surrogates. Surrogates will be selected by the executive team only. Media directors will work closely with surrogates to ensure they stay on point with the pre-approved talking points. Media directors will work with surrogates to determine their schedules in order to facilitate interviews. Media directors report directly to Regional Directors. Media directors are responsible for updating all scheduled interviews onto the shared google calendar. Media directors must notify and confirm with each surrogate of any planned interviews or media opportunities. 

7) Training/Education Specialists

Role description: 
Training specialist must be adept at recall process. Must understand the regulations needed to collect verified signatures. Training specialists are responsible for training other trainers. Must be able to travel and work closely with all regions in setting up their training courses for volunteers. Training specialists will work with the executive team to establish an online training course to educate volunteers on how to properly distribute and collect signatures for this recall initiative. Training specialist will work with volunteer coordinators and county chairs closely in setting up their training classes. Training classes should be held bi-monthly. Training specialist will constantly test other trainers to ensure they are teaching all important aspects of signature collection correctly.

8) Administrator

Role description: 
Administrative team will work closely with the Board of Directors in any work needed to keep the campaign on track. Administrative volunteers must be willing to travel. Must be computer savvy, excel and word proficiency are very important.

9) Research Director

Role description: 
Research director will be responsible for completing any comprehensive research on any political subject the campaign needs and deems urgent and relevant. The research director will report directly to regional directors and campaign director. They are responsible for also ensuring the Board of Directors is aware of any potential challenges and issues that may occur in the future or that may affect the progress of the campaign. This position requires thinking ahead and anticipating potential issues that may arise.

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